Marwa Abdel Gawad

Marwa Abdel Gawad

Cultural event coordinator - in charge of educational outreach

Holder of a Master 2 in the development and management of culture productions from Senghor University, Marwa Abdel Gawad’s mission is to teach and present the history and heritage of the city of Alexandria to young people using non-formal educational approaches. She is responsible for creating activities, heritage tours, teaching/learning tools, training courses and cultural events.
She also collaborates with a network of Alexandrian and international partners, in particular as part of the Alexandria Heritage Days event, which she has been programming and organising since 2010.

email : marwa.abdelgawad[a]
tél : +20 33906962 (poste 1407)


M. Abdelgawad, « Le patrimoine aux mains des jeunes Alexandrins ». La création des outils pédagogiques pour la valorisation du patrimoine culturel alexandrin, Mémoire de master, Université Senghor, 2019.

M. Abdelgawad, Ch. Gleize, « Les actions du Service Pédagogique du Centre d’Études Alexandrines », in G. Vertecchi, C. Virlouvet (éd.), City, River, Littoral. The extension of transportation Infrastructure in Delta Areas, Special Issue of Riparia 2018, p. 121-127.