The CEAlex


The Centre d’Études Alexandrines (CEAlex) is a French public research laboratory, one of the 37 units of the Institut National des Sciences Humaines et Sociales,present throughout the world, outside France. It is classified as a Service and Research Unit under the supervision of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale and receives ongoing support from the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs

It has more than 80 permanent staff, both European and Egyptian, and welcomes 200 visiting scholars a year. The CEAlex was founded by Jean-Yves Empereur in 1990 and directed by him until 2015. In 2020 it celebrated 30 years of permanent presence and continuous work in Alexandria.

The mission of the CEAlex is to study the history of the city of Alexandria and its region over the long term. We carry out archaeological excavations on land and underwater, as well as surveys of the city and countryside, and conduct programmes for the study and promotion of modern heritage.

We work in close cooperation with a wide range of Egyptian stakeholders, first and foremost the Ministry of Antiquities and the University of Alexandria.

Director : Thomas Faucher, Research Fellow – CNRS

Trustees of the CEAlex :

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