Publications department

One of the primary aims of the CEAlex is to publish the results of its archaeological and historical research.


The Études Alexandrines collection was founded in 1998 and now comprises 50 volumes. These include publications on excavations, studies of archaeological material discovered during CEAlex digs or held in Alexandria’s museums, as well as historical research and conference proceedings.

Three other collections are currently being developed.

Antiquités Alexandrines is a collection aimed at the general public, enhanced with rich colour illustrations.

In the Alexandrie Moderne collection, which is also richly illustrated, we hope to highlight Alexandria’s place in the great moments of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as exploring the family and institutional archives that the Centre holds.

Littérature Alexandrine aims to bring together French-language literary texts and accounts of the lives of Alexandrians whether famous or unknown.

Marie-Dominique Nenna, responsable
Mahitab Fathy El Sayed Mohamed
Michael Maher Ayad