Scientific, private and institutional archives

The diversification of the CEAlex’s mission since its foundation has led to the creation and development of several support services linked to archaeological research. The need to set up an archive service became apparent in 2015, as a result of several factors:

  • the creation of data from excavations that needed to preserved and archived: photographic archives (traditional film, slides, digital images) and handwritten archives (excavation notebooks, plans, surveys, drawings etc.);
  • the acquisition over the years of numerous documents relating to the town and its history in support of the archaeological and historical studies carried out by team members and, in some cases, of related exhibitions: engravings, postcards and books etc.;
  • the contact and influence of a network of people holding archives or acting as intermediaries in the process of depositing or donating archives for the benefit of the CEAlex.

Our objective is twofold: on the one hand, to optimise the management of these various historical and largely iconographic collections linked to the our research activities, and on the other, to structure a policy of collecting private and/or institutional archives, preferably regarding Alexandria but not exclusively

The various collections held physically or in digital format by the CEAlex have been acquired by deposit, donation or purchase. Databases and documents may be consulted on the premises with the agreement of the Director of the CEAlex.