Archaeological restoration laboratory

The CEAlex restoration laboratory has seven members and is based in the Tabiyet Nahassin archaeological storehouse. Since the beginning of CEAlex excavations in Alexandria in 1992, over 15000 coins have been discovered. These bronzes need to be restored before numismatists can begin the work of identifying them. The same applies to other types of metal object, and to all types of artefact requiring intervention.

One of the specialities of ancient Alexandria was mosaics, remarkable floor coverings with a variety of decorations made from small cubes of stone or other materials. After discovery during excavations, they have to be lifted, placed on new supports, cleaned and restored. The laboratory also contributes to the restoration of objects and mosaics preserved in the Graeco-Roman Museum and the Educational Museum of Alexandria University’s Faculty of Arts, as well as those excavated by the Ministry of Antiquities.


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Hanaa Mohamed Tewfik Ahmed, responsable
Marwa Mohamed Talaat
Medhat Ramadan Ibrahim Hassan
Mohamed Abdel Sallam
Sobhy Mohamed Attia Ismail Shalaby
Wael Mostafa Mohamed Hassan
Yasser Galal Abdel Rehim Aly