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19th and 20th century photographs


1. Photograph of the Eastern Harbour before 1898 by Andreas Reiser © Collection M. Awad

2. “View of Alexandria and the sea baths”, undated postcard showing the Eastern Harbour before backfilling in 1900. Collection J.-Y. Empereur © Archives CEAlex

3. Photograph of the Corniche under construction in front of Ramleh Station, around 1900: the curve of the new coastline has already been laid out and the backfilling is under way. Centre left, the last remains of the Tower of the Romans are still visible but will disappear with the construction of the Corniche © Archives nationales du monde du travail (Roubaix) (ref. 1995 060 3508)

4. Aerial photograph taken by the RAF during an inspection by General Allenby, probably on 2 December 1918 © CEAlex Archives

5. “Alexandria – Sidi Kayed Bey Fortress”, undated postcard showing Qaitbay Fort after 1906. Bombarded in 1882 by the British, the two upper storeys eventually collapsed around 1906. Collection J.-Y. Empereur © CEAlex Archives

6. “View of Alexandria’s harbour”, photograph by W. Hammerschmidt, 1870. Collection J.-Y. Empereur © CEAlex Archives

7. “The viceroy’s palace of Ras-el-Tin” from L. Fiorillo, Album complet de toutes les principales vues et monuments d’Alexandrie, Caire, Suez, Canal Isthme, Basse-Nubie, Haute Egypte etc, 1866-1880 © Biblioteca Nacional Brasil

8. Quay in Alexandria harbour, photo by the Zangaki brothers, circa 1880. Collection L. Borel © Archives CEAlex

9. Aerial photograph showing the coal jetty and the Mahmoudiah quay of the Western Harbour, with the district of Minet el-Bassal in the foreground, 1920-1930 © Library of Congress

10. British aerial photo from 1941 of the Minet el-Bassal district and the mouth of the Mahmoudiah canal in the Western Harbour © Collection C. Shaalan

11. Undated photograph of the locks at the mouth of the Mahmoudiah canal. Collection L. Borel © CEAlex Archives

12. “Eastern and Western Harbours”, Alexandria from the air, 1930s, pl. 11 © CEAlex Archives

13. “View of the inner harbour”, Alexandria from the Air, 1930s, pl. 13 © CEAlex Archives

14. “Inner harbour”, Alexandria from the Air, 1930s, pl. 2 © CEAlex Archives

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