Blue gold

Blue gold

For 6 to 10 years. Up to 20 participants in groups of 2 to 3

The workshops :

An activity to discover the amazing properties of water through the eyes of a young Egyptian girl.

The children carry out some common experiments to demonstrate water pressure, surface tension, Archimedes' principle (buoyancy), detergence, treatment of water to make it drinkable, water in the human body, the three states of water. Through the story of a little Egyptian girl, Soraya, they report their findings and discover the surprising properties of water.

Learning objectives

  • Raising children's awareness of the need to protect water, a vital resource
  • Understand certain properties of water by observing it in everyday life
  • Acquire a knowledge about the availability of water both in the child's immediate environment and on a global scale

The activity

All the participants carry out the eight proposed experiments in no particular order. For the first session, two activity leaders are recommended. The session lasts 1 hour 30 mins.