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The Michel Wuttmann materials characterisation Laboratory

The Michel Wuttmann Laboratory
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o Oeuvres publiées de Maurice Picon
o Pdf equipment

The topography department

Mapping the land
Mapping the sea (Qaitbay)
Mapping the sea (shipwrecks)
o Collaboration with the ESGT
o Alexandrian GIS
o Superimposing antiquarian maps
o Photogrammetry
o Permanent GPS station

The restoration and conservation of artefacts department

The workshop : Shallalat
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o Artefacts
o Mosaics and paintings
o Ceramic restoration
o Ceramics : restoring a krater
o Restoration of coins

Educational Outreach Service

Why an Educational Outreach Service in the CEAlex
The aims
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First results and perspectives
The practice dig of Champollion School
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